Friday, December 7, 2007

Spiritual healing, any one?

Have you seen spiritual healing being practised before? Well, I have. As a matter of fact, I was personally involved in it.

It all started when I had what is commonly termed 'trigger finger' that happened to my ring finger of my left hand. When it struck, my fourth finger would remain straight for quite some time and it was very painful to bend it or to make it flexible again. There was no way I could avoid the condition because there must be occasions when both hands must be used to do something. I went to see the doctor and he told me that a minor operation had to be done to rectify the condition but there was no guarantee that it would not come back again.

One day, during the break of my centralised marking session of the SPM English paper, I met the lady who had taught us how to relax our mind the previous year. You see, teachers who mark public exam papers will be gathered in one place to trial mark sample scripts before they are allowed to mark the real exam scripts of the candidates. The session will last for three days after which the teachers claim their allocated scripts to take home for marking.

She told me to go to her house after the session as she would try to do something about it. Actually, she is a spiritual healer. I did not know about it until she told me her story. Only then did I realize that she wore long-sleeved shirts and skirts long enough to cover her feet all the time the previous year. Actually she suffered from a rare skin disease no medicine could cure because she had exhausted all means to treat it but to no avail. Later she resorted to spiritual healing administered by a friend of hers. The disease was miraculously cured and she became a spiritual healer herself. She was very hardworking and through continuous meditation, she had acquired enough power to treat others.

She stroked my ring finger with her hand sending ‘light’ (as she called it) to the affected finger. One session of ‘light transmission’ did not cure my condition. According to her, I had to be a healer myself to get cured. So I also started to meditate under her guidance. The astral travelling session to the planets sometimes made my head spin all the time and in the end the final test came. She handed me a piece of paper with only the name of a patient on it. Then she asked me to tell her what the patient’s illness was. I had to concentrate on the name and miraculously I could feel the condition of the patient and told her accordingly. After passing the test, I was assigned to do spiritual healing. My job was to restore the imbalance of hormones experienced by ladies. Before the healing session in which she was the chief, I had to chant my mantra (this mantra was acquired through my practice, that is meditation) until my body was filled with warmth (“light”). The patient would then be seated in front of me. I would extend both hands and touch her chest with my thumbs while sending her the ‘light’ through them. Patients would feel the warmth entering their bodies.

After rendering my service for quite some time, the condition of my ‘trigger finger’ disappeared like a miracle. I was cured of it without operation! How marvellous!

Because I had to stay until quite late at time, my family objected to my going to the lady’s place to render spiritual healing and I stopped.

The above is my wonderful experience of spiritual healing. It would serve as an eye-opener to many because sometimes we can’t explain how nature works and why there exist miracles every now and then

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