Tuesday, December 18, 2007

More Tags about Penang Hokkien

This post is a follow-up of the article about 'Penang Hokkien' which I had written earlier. More tags will be added in this post.

The use of tags come naturally with Penangites who speak Hokkien, a Chinese dialect. I did some sampling in the market place where conversation between customers and sellers of vegetables, meat and sundry goods can be heard clearly. It is pleasing to my ears when I hear Penang Hokkien being spoken. Here are further examples of the presence of tags in Penang Hokkien.

Example 1

PH: Yi bo kong hor gua tneah ma

E: He didn't tell me that.

Tag: ma

Example 2

PH: Toh si ah neh loh.

E: It's like this.

Tag: loh

Example 3

PH: Gua mai charp yi liau.

E: I won't heed him any more.

Tag: liau

Example 4

PH: Lu mo bark chiu khu ah si oh?

E: Don't you have eyes to see?

Tag: si oh

Example 5

PH: Toh si an neh khuan nieh tneah.

E: It's like this only.

Tag: nieh tneah

Example 6

PH: Gian nah memang jing gau char eh.

E: It is usual for kids to pester other.

Tag: eh

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