Monday, December 24, 2007

Everyday or Every day?

The photo below which was taken with my Sony Cybershot T20 camera sends a wrong message to students of English. They may think that everyday is spelt this way every time. On the contrary, there is a difference between everyday and every day.

When it is used as an adjective, the spelling is everyday. If an adverb is intended, then 'every day' should be used.

The following examples should serve to illustrate the above point:

1. Going to market is an everyday affair for Mrs Tan. [everyday functions as an adjective.]

2 He jogs in the park every day. [every day is an adverb here]

So much for boob watch today. By the way, boob here means error and not breast as is used as a slang in other context.

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Jessica Foster said...

I do marketing for an ESL/ELL program. Examples like this and so many others make me realize how hard it is to learn English!